Customers of Waschke GmbH appreciate the high level of expertise combined with modern technology.

Our effective and economically designed tools are of extraordinary quality. To timely manufacture of the mold design, the production-ready injection tool, we use the advantages of a seamless data transfer.

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      Injection mold in 1-fold or more cavities than

  • Hot runner molds
  • Abspindelwerkzeuge
  • 2K tools
  • Umspritzwerkzeuge for inserts
  • we forth up to a size of 1,000 x 800mm



EDM is a key technology in our production.

With our equipment we have modern eroding large capacity. With a max. Plate size of 1050 X 710 X 350 mm and a max. Weight of 1500 kg, we can erode large workpieces.


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  • Controlled production on 3 and 5-axis milling machines.
  • Parts with complex geometries in all machinable materials.
  • We also make turning and milling parts from Kunstoffhalbzeugen.




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Kunststofftechnik - Spritzguss - Formenbau Südbaden